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iPhone Screen Repair Sydney

Mobile Phone Fix is the expert in iPhone Screen Repair in Sydney, including iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone6 and iPhone 7.

We are able to provide 45 mins repairs for 90% of our jobs for iPhones, stocking most of the parts enable us to do a quick turnaround.

  • iPhone Broken Screen replacement
  • Water Damage of iPhone
  • Battery dying quickly or not charging
  • GSM Network or WIFI Issues
  • Home button non functional.
  • Front and Back Camera fuzzy or faulty.

iPhone Broken Screen replacement

iPhone Faulty screen or Broken is the most common fault which happens with dropping of phones or physical damage , Most of the cases this is not covered under warranty, Mobile Phone Fix ensures that you have a working iPhone in no time and quality parts are used.

Water Damage of iPhone

A very common problem especially in Australia, we invariably have water spilled by mistake or because of rain or by mistake a trip to the beach or your pool with the phone on you. a lot of you tube video suggest one thing or another , but you need a professional help in this, as the corrosion needs to be taken care by specialised chemical dipping process and specialised cleaning to ensure your phone does not dies all of sudden and your data is lost as you will be unable to recover the data in that case. Mobile Phone Fix ensure best practices are followed and the phone is brought to its original state.

Battery Replacement

The battery life is designed to last for 2-3 years, Battery swelling or dying down suddenly are the signs which you should look for, and if you see these signs especially swelling you surely need to get it replaced and also have a look at what charger you use for your phone, as swelling batteries could also cause batteries exploding, Mobile Phone Fix ensure you get a good quality battery as a replacement and also advise on how to maximise the battery life.

Charging Issue

Intermittent charging or slow charging is a common issue, could be as simple as dust getting into your charging port or replacement of charging port is required, but needs to ensure its dissembled and assembled properly as other issues can be caused because of this.

GSM Network or WIFI Issues

This is a complex issue which could could be caused because of software issues or some small components failing , as simple as a antenna being replaced to so micro component replacement, Mobile Phone will get you back on track within few hours.

Front and Back Camera fuzzy or faulty

Camera is the most commonly used function of your iPhone , we can ensure you have the original cameras installed once your camera needs replacement, ensuring the same quality and feel of your original camera of iPhone.

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